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  • Brianna Tarnower, MSPH

Postponements and Cancellations

April 7, 2020

The past few days, I have been combing through the COVID-19 emergency resources for artists compiled by arts organizations across the country. The number of organizations stepping up and the creative approaches by artists working together to build new models of peer-support is encouraging.

In the process of applying to one of these grants (, I discovered something exciting: The website for the show that one of my Twisted Ladder vases was to be in starting mid-April (now postponed to August) has done an advance post of their juried artists on their website!

Check it out here!

As my creative mind starts spinning back up from protective dormancy over the next few days, I hope to come back here and start posting more blog updates on "epidemic curves, cultural unrest, and the ongoing flowering of beautiful humanity in their midst", as inspiration strikes.

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