Love and Light - Personalized Soap Dish 

Childhood Keepsake for Mom, Dad, and Grandparents


Moms, dads, aunts, uncles, and grandparents, will all LOVE this ceramic keepsake of your child's little hand or foot.

Using the traced outline and color and clay choices you send to me, I will custom design and create a beautiful momento to be used in your own home or gifted to another.

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Color and Clay Choices


How to Order

1) Send me an email or chat to let me know you are interested -


2) Print the template sheet* 


  • click on the template below - a PDF file will download to your computer​​

  • open the newly saved file in any PDF viewer

  • select print

  • adjust print settings -  you want to use ACTUAL SIZE - do not "fit"

2) Trace outline of child's hand or foot onto the template.

3) Scan (preferred) or photograph the marked up template


  • If doing the photo:

    • please make sure to get the entire grid in the photo
    • make the camera as parallel to the template as possible

4) Email the traced template scan or photo to

* If you do not have access to a printer, I have a workaround. Let me know in your email!


More About This Item


This item is best suited to hands and feet traced from people 5 years and older. Smaller hands and feet will have a hard time holding a full-size bar of soap!


Contact me for options for younger children.



One color - $30

Two colors - $38
Three colors - $46
Each additional color - add $8

Shipping and handling is not included in the price. I will happily ship internationally.