New Work in 2020


"Change of Plans"

I planned to develop some new designs for this year's 2020 Ornament Collection. But like for everyone else, 2020 had different plans for me.

This year, instead, I will offer a fresh selection of favorites from the 2019 Collection.


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Remaining 2019 Ornaments are still available with special pricing below.


Love & Light in Dark Times - Functional Personalized Keepsakes


Soap-dishes and Plates


Through a mixture of graphic design and craft, these pieces are the outcome of a collaboration between myself as the artist and my online marketplace client. The client downloads a template, uploads a traced hand, handwriting, and/or graphic, and I translate size and shape through software to clay and glaze. Each piece is carved with a hanger on the back for wall display.


The result is a piece of personalized digital-analog art that lives in everyday spaces, holding everyday things – soap or sponges, keys or rings – on view to its keepers as a love-filled reminder of their child’s ephemeral littleness, or to present a life-altering proposal and commemorate the beginning of the union of two lives. 

Dog Bowls


Looking around my house as the pandemic struck, I realized I had not yet made my dog a bowl since embracing clay in 2019. In the process of pouring the slump mold to make Luka this slab-constructed bowl, it struck me that many people are at home right now and they also want to love on their pets. Collaborating with my online marketplace clients, we will design a variation of this bowl specially made for their beloved pooches. 


Herd Immunity - Sculpture Series


A reiterating theme in the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, the starkness and power of exponential growth as a prevailing force pushing against the reach for herd immunity. Huddled together, yet distanced from one another, the herd seeks to protect individuals and the herd from the predatory will of natural forces.


Some, like those pictured here, are reminiscent of elephants with trunks upraised in raucous siren calls; others (not yet pictured) evoke the gracefulness of birds. As human actions impact natural ecosystems at increasing rates globally, loss of biodiversity and habitat degradation are two drivers of emerging infectious diseases. 


These pieces embrace the inexorable pull of exponential powers beyond our control, while confronting us with the solutions that are right in front of us.

Many pieces, large and small, are planned to coexist in a discordant and fractured urban landscape.


(Un)Twisted Ladders - Sculpture Series

Fourth iteration from a series of 8 vases and spires so far in the (Un)Twisted Ladders collection. This piece is both functional and sculptural.


Currently held by the Art Students League of Denver for their juried biennial show, "delecTABLE: The Fine Art of Dining", to be held online (due to COVID-19) this year.


The (Un)Twisted Ladders collection borrows inspiration from the twisting form of DNA, yet the shape evokes other natural and manmade constructions from a seed pod to a video game marker.

It is my hope to one day show this collection as hundreds of pieces in an immersive museum or gallery experience.


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February 6th, 2020 - Twisted Ladder, Variation #4 has been accepted into delecTABLE 2020: The Fine Art of Dining,

a national juried art exhibition

April 17-May 22, 2020,

in Denver, Colorado!!!

Check out the Art Students League of Denver's website for details: