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New Work in 2022


"Carved Stars"

When I first returned to clay, the first of these carved star sculptures was born while "doodling" in my studio. Originally very small and detailed in their exec-ution, the fractal nature of the form sparked the seed that would become Thinker Ceramic Arts.

Now, five years into the Dreaming, these sculptures are emerging from my studio. While only a few exist right now, I have many in every shape and size and color and clay body clinging to the tips of my fingertips, to be expressed in the coming months.

Click on the photo to learn more, and to see how you might support me while pre-ordering or purchasing your very own expression of this vision.

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"Star Bright"

Still in a conceptual place, my passion for coffee drives me to create inspiring joyful tableware for everyone to love too.

Click on the image to see more of the pieces to come, and to learn how you can help these collections grow with your pre-orders and patronage.


"Succulent Planters"

To be written ;)


"Change of Plans"

I planned to develop some new designs for this year's 2020 Ornament Collection. But like for everyone else, 2020 had different plans for me.

This year, instead, I will offer a fresh selection of favorites from the 2019 Collection.

Click here to visit the 2020 Ornament collection.



The (Un)Twisted Ladders collection borrows inspiration from the twisting form of DNA, yet the shape evokes other natural and manmade constructions from a seed pod to a video game marker.

It is my hope to one day show this collection as hundreds of pieces in an immersive museum or gallery experience.



You and I have some catching up to do... (written 2/2/2022)

*** Special thanks to Anima for inspiring the title to this slideshow with lyrics from their song, Blood. ***

***Construction by Berger Construction/Pacific Outbuildings. ***



What a time we've been having these past two years, haven't we? 


All of us. Collectively. Individually.


We are chafing under the binding restrictions of a new world order gone haywire, as it will, at the mercy of the all- and forever- powerful whims of nature.


Nature with a capital N, but it seems too trite to write it like that outright. 

Thinker Ceramic Arts, TCA for short, held onto and tried to follow the initial business plan I set up for it in the end of 2019. It was pretty hellish through 2020, I cannot lie, despite all my earnest attempts to keep the new business growing. By early 2021, I could see that TCA needed some major improvements in workspace and equipment in order to reach the heights I have in mind for it and to accomplish my artistic visions.


In fact, 2021 saw an expansion of my artistic goals in the development of a four-dimensional performance art series that will incorporate emotional release and renewal into interactively- and collaboratively-developed physical/digital sculptural pieces. Yessss, isn't that a beautiful mouthful? I plan to start work on this series this spring.


And if that wasn't enough, I've also decided that it's time to develop the foundations of a nonprofit organization that will gather and interpret data to address local and national socioecologic and environmental justice issues.


All in good time. And one thing at a time.


Fortunately, the Universe jumped in with some soul-nourishing encouragement in February of 2021, and I've been investing all of my time and money since then in the biggest project of my little life. The new ceramic studio, kiln and all, is just days away from being ready to get muddy. The office space is still under construction, hopefully mostly done by summer 2022.


A contractor built the actual wood structures, but it's been mostly all me insulating, drywalling/mudding, trimming, painting, getting permits, and installing ceilings and floors and outlets and lights for 400 sq ft of new construction. (I do want to acknowledge the amazing help I've received from a few friends along the way; you know who you are!). Juggling pandemic life with a whole slew of new skills has given me the confidence to know that I can, and will, take over the world just as I am planning.




I also cannot wait to get to making. I have some intriguing and provocative works planned, as well as some fun functional pottery that I will hopefully have ready for sale soon.

Please enjoy the slideshow above showcasing the past year's trials and triumphs, from the iced over studio in the Great Valentine's Day Freeze of 2021 to the nearly complete ceramic studio. 

Currently playing in the studio

February 6th, 2020


Twisted Ladder, Variation #4 has been accepted into delecTABLE 2020: The Fine Art of Dining,

a national juried art exhibition

April 17-May 22, 2020,

in Denver, Colorado!!!

Check out the Art Students League of Denver's website for details:


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